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Bruce Marshall

So here we are visiting the bruce marshall studio-a work in progress...Aren't we all.......

This site displays my paintings from the 1960s when I was barely a young man attending SVA-The School of Visual Arts in addition to my current work.

I began drawing and creating  art as a young child and totally identified myself as being 'an artist'. 

As I went off to college to follow my dream of receiving an education that would allow me to produce art and 'get paid' for it, my journey took the twists and turns that life presented to me.

I wanted to be a commercial illustrator and graphic artist producing art for magazines, book jackets and record album covers.  That's what my teachers/professors were doing. 

Upon graduating I ventured out into the commercial art field with my impressive portfolio of carefully crafted work. 

It was well received. I was given my first professional assignment to draw/paint a picture based upon a script that was handed to me. I was told to read it and return within five days with my finished piece.

'I hated it!!!!'  They were attempting to 'bridle' me by giving me direction and instructions, what colors, how many figures, size, layout, dimensions........NO! NO! NO! work sucked.....  no comparison in quality to the work portrayed in my portfolio.

What was wrong here?    

Sure, I was a creative soul, but I lacked the structure, discipline  and maturity to produce quality work and take direction.

'I quit!'   

What to do?   

I began creating illustrations using Dr. Martin's Watercolors-a water based medium rich in color combined with a glazing varnish which repelled the water color in conjunction with grease markers that enabled me to simulate the popular style seen in print at that time.

In addition, I would use acrylic paint on stretched canvas to create my 'fine art.'

I managed to network with several galleries and art dealers who took ALL my work on consignment and auctioned them off at Country Clubs, Golf Clubs and Beach Clubs.

Everything was sold.....I remember getting a call from the Lido Beach Club advising me that one of my works was being sold.........

It was an interesting time in my young career and life.

Being an artist and product of the 60s I travelled the East and West Village in NYC and loved that era.  

I opened an antique shop on Saint Marks Place, 7th Street between 2nd & 3rd Aves.

I would open the shop called 'The Den' at 2pm and close it at 2am. 

Tiffany shades, roll top desks, Art Nouveau, Tapestries and free flowing lines were IN!

I would travel to Pennsylvania, Upstate New York and Connecticut to purchase my stock to sell.  

My personal life evolved and I had gotten married and now a child was on its way.

My father-in-law wanted his daughter out of the Lower East Side and away from the creative, avant garde-hippy element with all their anti establishment and non conforming thinking.

So he made me an offer I couldn't refuse and I left my 'lifestyle' for the family garment center trucking business.  

So not my personality.....

I left the art world, entered the business world and my connection to my art and my creativity faded as time went by.

Much water under the bridge, the days turning into weeks, into months and years  as that young adult matured, became a businessman raised a family and became a 'member' of society.

Here I am, a half a century later, beginning to paint again as if it were yesterday when I was totally engrossed in the art world.

I paint almost daily or nightly and exhibit my work.

I LOVE to paint! The sheer joy and freedom of putting brush to canvas and observing the unfolding of my creative venture.

All I can say is that I am 'grateful' to have found my creative soul once again.

I welcome you to enjoy this journey with me.......

Thank you.


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